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Managed ServicesLet Us Be Your Managed Services Provider

You have invested in your network of technology and you depend on it.  A hiccup in your IT infrastructure could mean a loss of productivity for you and hinder your business dramatically.  Unless you are in the business of IT, the management of your technology can be burdensome and intimidating.  Nephos Integration has the experience necessary to help you manage and maintain your network of technology so it stays healthy and reliable so you can get back to running your company.


What is Managed Services?

"Managed Services" is more than just a buzzword for IT Support. It is a means by which a company hands it's IT operations over to a service provider to manage on their behalf in a pro-active manner.  The pro-active maintenance differs from the traditional reactive or break/fix model of IT support in that the service provider will actively monitor and manage your technology infrastructure keeping it as healthy and reliable as possible by pre-empting potentials for problems before they ever arise as opposed to waiting for them to break before you call the service provider to fix a downed system.


An Analogy

The concept of proactive maintenance versus break/fix isn't foreign to other areas of life outside of business.  For example, we can understand the benefit of maintaining our vehicles through oil changes and new tires as opposed to waiting for the engine to seize up or to have a tire blowout before we give these items attention.  The same is true with the technology that keeps our business running. In addition, you will still have a trusted service provider to call that is familiar with your infrastructure when  something catastrophic does occur, and with monitoring services in place, it is likely your service provider already knows about the catastrophe and is working on it before you are even able to make the call for help.



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